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World of Warcraft: Inception

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Sorry this is so late. Also, Caution: Spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched the finale, go do that first. Scroll down to where I talk about the finale if you don’t care about all this other stuff.

Well folks,  it’s finally over. After 6 years, Lost comes to a close.  And I must say that personally, I felt it went out in a perfect way, right down to the very last shot. But before I go into the finale itself, I’m going to talk about Lost in general.

The show started in 2004. I hadn’t even heard of it at first, but then a friend got me into it, and I’m so glad she did. I can’t think of any other shows that had a pilot has instantly gripping as Lost’s. Jack wakes up in the forest, comes running out and then you see the aftermath of a pretty horrible plane crash. People freaking out, the plane itself in flames, people injured or dying… so Jack leaps right into action. He’s the first one you see introduced (well, him and the dog). You get a feel of what kind of person he is right away. He’s heroic, he clearly has a good heart… But he wasn’t anywhere near my favorite at first. Jack though, has had one of the biggest arcs in the series, and he’s changed completely from when the show first started.

Jack is a man of science. That puts him at odds with the other key player in the series: Locke, who is a man of faith. And throughout the course of the show, Jack becomes a man of faith to completely being on Locke’s side by the end of the series. He went from being just Jack to being one of my favorite characters. Season 3 is especially when you start to realize how awesome he is, with how he handled getting Kate and Sawyer off of Hydra Island, by sabotaging Ben’s surgery. And that badassness gets ramped up slowly throughout the rest of the series, until Season 6 when he’s just a crazy mother fucker, and crazy Jack is the best Jack. Plus, you can never forget Jackface.

Locke’s entire story arc is interesting. It’s easily the most tragic out of any of the characters. He finds his dad after years and years. Has his dad steal his kidney. Finds and loses his only love, Helen. Gets thrown out of a window which destroys his ability to walk. Gets in a plane crash. Gains his walking back. Thinks he’s special and has a connection with the island. After several failures it’s apparent he doesn’t have the connection he thought he did. He becomes leader of the Others, which is ended quickly as he has to save the island itself and gets thrown back to the real world. There he fails to get all the oceanic six back to the island, and ultimately realizes he’s not special. He’s lost his kidney, his dad, his love, his island… everything. In the end, he dies a completely broken and defeated man. Lucky for Terry O’ Quinn and his fans, “Locke” was never truely gone as Smokey took his form.

Kate… oh Katie. You are hot, but your role in the show became less and less important to the point where I couldn’t understand WHY you were still even around, until the very end. In fact, I guess you weren’t even needed for the very end because Jack’s catalyst for remembering wasn’t you, it was his dad’s coffin. The sad thing is, I was interested in Kate at first. But after 6 seasons she was there to basically be nothing more than someone who gets captured, or the third person in the love triangle with her, jack and sawyer (later a quadrangle with Juliet). It’s a shame really.

Sawyer is awesome. Sawyer is a character that I HATED when the show first started, but through revealing his back story, and more time with him, he become so lovable. All his nicknames were hilarious. It was great when Jack had to make him new reading glasses. And Hurley beating up Sawyer was great because, besides Jack, he was really the only other person on flight 815 that stood a chance against him. And when Sawyer ended up with Juliet in season 5 was a great story. It’s sad that it had to end the way it did. I genuinely felt bad for Sawyer when he was shouting “DON’T YOU LEAVE ME” before Juliet fell down the hole.

Jin and Sun. Wow. Talk about giving the wrong impression. At first you think it’s just a loveless marriage, with an abusive husband. But by the end of the who, you wanted nothing more than for Jin and Sun to end up together. Every time they were apart, it was terrible until they finally made it back to each other. Despite what it seemed at the beginning of the show, Jin and Sun love each other very much, and are the second strongest couple in the show (second only to Rose and Bernard).  When Sun thinks Jin blows up on the freighter, it’s one of the most chilling screams ever.

Sayid was likable from the beginning to the end. A former torturer for the Republican Guard, he’s actually more of a romantic, and the whole Nadia storyline is sad. Even sadder though, is the romance he finds on the island with Shannon being taken away from him. I really liked the Sayid and Shannon pairing, and I was sad when she died (the actor wanted to do film… You can see how well that turned out so far).  I’m glad Sayid got to redeem himself by the end after being turned by Smokey.

Hurley! Dude. Hurley. Dude. Hurley was the most lighthearted character, and generally kept the rest of the survivors sane. His story was quite sad as well. All the money he won, and it all ended up being bad luck, and him losing Libby was the icing on the cake. His story did bring about the numbers though, and they will forever be etched into my brain. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. I’ll never forget that set of numbers, even if I try. Hurley was always more upbeat, which is why it was pretty heartwrenching when he wasn’t. When he gets really angry at Danielle (“But now? I want some FRIGGEN ANSWERS!”), or when Jin and Sun die. You don’t quite feel the gravity of it until you see Hurley break down crying because they died.

Claire and Charlie were a great pairing. The peanut butter scene remains one of my favorite in the whole series. Michael I felt bad for because of his son, but I’m glad he’s gone. He only put them in more danger. And Walt’s “powers” would have been interesting to go into, but ultimatum not important to the story. Boone’s death is such a sad scene. Jack tries so hard to save him but in the end he can’t. And that’s what really sets in motion the rivalry between Locke and Jack. Eko I was sad to see go. Fuck Ana Lucia. Rose and Bernard were great. Ben was ALWAYS interesting, and his back and forth from the good side and bad side was crazy. Richard Alpart was very interesting, and no he was NOT wearing eyeliner! DESMOND is easily one of my most favorite characters. And the phone conversation between him and Penny in The Constant is probably my favorite scene in the show. Miles was hilarious. Lapidus was a great character. And I loved Faraday and was quite sad when his own mother ended up killing him. Juliet I felt was a great character who really came into her own, and well Vincent may be one of the few dogs I can actually stand.


What a ride this show has been. 6 years. I seriously can’t believe I’ve been with this show from the beginning to the end. And what a crazy ass finale it was. I’ve always been interested in the flash-sideways universe, and knew it would pay off to something good, and it sure did. Though I honestly didn’t expect them to go the route of the flash-sideways essentially being purgatory. It was wonderful seeing everyone get their memories back, especially the couples (charlie/claire, sawyer/juliet, sun/jin).

Any lingering questions I have (and there are quite a few), just didn’t matter when I watched the finale. The show has always been about the characters, no matter how interesting the island itself is. So it was nice to finally see the fates of all these characters. I’m so glad Ben ended up on the good side at the end. He was never with Smokey (him killing Widmore was more revenge for Alex than anything else). And it was fitting that he would be Hurley’s number two.

The finale was JACK’S finale, there’s really no doubt about that, though all the characters got something. The fight scene between Jack and Smokey was fucking ridiculous. Standing at opposite ends of that cliff in the pouring rain, and then Jack throwing that punch IN THE AIR right before going to a commercial. I don’t think I’ve ever been so mad to go to commercial in my life. It was a crazy fight scene, and I was glad to see Kate contributing something than being a love interest for once. Seeing Smokey die was really satisfying (even if Smokey pre-smokified wasn’t bad. He should have been allowed off the island). Seeing what was basically the heart of the island was fucking crazy. Funny enough, Jacob’s cork in a bottle metaphor ended up not really being a metaphor at all. And when the island started to get destroyed, I was almost sad. The island itself has basically become a character, and to see it start to crumble away was something else.

The finale scenes of the episode were amazing. First, the flash-sideways scene in the church was just awesome. I loved Locke and Ben’s little interaction. Locke forgiving Ben for everything Ben did to him. Jack and Christian’s talk. Them finally crossing over. It was all very moving, and I though all very fitting. I wasn’t expecting them to go that route, but it’s funny thinking back to the beginning of the season and knowing the flash-sideways was all purgatory.

But my absolute favorite part is the final shot of the episode. Honestly, they could not have ended that any better. Jack lying in the same spot he was when the very first episode started. Vincent running up to him just like the first episode. This time laying down beside him. And finally, just like the very first show being Jack’s eye opening, the very last shot of the series being Jack’s eye closing  as he dies was absolutely perfect. I don’t think I could have ended it any better. It was very moving. But I know already that the episode is going to be very polarizing. Half the fans are going to hate it, while half are going to love it. I fall into the latter obviously. What about you?

So goodbye Lost. I followed you for 6 years. Through writers strikes and schedule changes. Through bad episodes and good episodes and I still love the show to death even if it didn’t answer everything. There are plenty of questions I could bring up that I was disappointed the show didn’t answer, but after seeing the finale, I don’t even care. The show ended wonderfully, and it’s been an amazing ride. It’s going to be weird not having Lost to look forward to anymore. But I can say confidently that it’s a show that’s going to go down in television history as one of the best and craziest shows ever. It’s iconic, and I’m glad that it went out as well as it did.

Words words words, that’s a lot of words to say that I love Lost. But oh well.

CAD sucks and so does Tim Buckley, that’s no surprise. However, the past couple of days, something interesting has surfaced, and so I will just leave you with this image just so you can get an idea of how Tim Buckley is:

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Wrath of the Lich King Retrospective: Part 2

Well now that I have made a post about my likes from Wrath of the Lich King (I missed some too, like how awesome 10 man raids are, the Death Knight starting area), it’s time to delve into the things I did NOT like.  Keep in mind that I’m not really into PVP, so with the exception of one of my complaints, I’m not going to get into things like the two new battlegrounds that were added or arenas. That’s not my department and I can’t really comment on them.


  • The green quest gear. Now at first when you stroll on into Northrend and get some new gear, it looks pretty neat. It’s all very detailed textures. Everything is brand new since before has been a mix of multicolored pants and floating purple crystals. After a while though, the novelty starts to wear off, as there is barely any variety in the gear at. all. The picture to the right is an example of your basic look for 10 straight levels, not counting the dungeon and quest blues which don’t fair much better. The worst I think, is in one of the Zul’drak. There’s a quest where you have to put out fires in a Wolvar village. When you are done, you get an item called The Fire Extinguisher. It doesn’t do anything, but you figure surely with a name like that it’d have a unique model. But nope. It just looks like  a staff you’ve seen several times before leveling through Northrend. I think I prefer Outland’s random clownsuit to Northrend’s quest gear.
  • Dalaran. The city itself is beautiful. Shatt was nice and all, but my god Dalaran. The presentation of the place is great. A giant floating city, bustling with people, fancy portal mailboxes. A toy store! A portal to the Caverns of Time. A freaking auction house for Engineers (suck it, other professions). You’d think this was sounding like it should have gone in my last entry, but no. Dalaran makes me, and the majority of the player base lag like no other place in WoW can (besides maybe Wintergrasp during a larger battle). Having a place that small, and packing in both factions was a terrible mistake. It got to the point where I had to set my hearth to the Dalaran sewers because hearthing into the middle of the inn up top was just not happening. Hell, I know some poeple who can’t even GO to Dalaran because it crashes their game. It actually made me miss Shattrath. On top of that, you weren’t allowed to fly anywhere except Krauses’ landing. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but you can only mount up on your flying mount there as well. Shatt I could mount up on my helicopter anywhere. With Dalaran, they could have at least made multiple take off points in the city. Just a bad design despite how pretty the place is. I’m glad we’ll be moving back to the main cities in Cataclysm.
  • Azjol-Nerub. What complete waste of a great idea. AN was originally supposed to be an entire underground kingdom, underneath Dragonblight. We should have had quests to help the good Nerubians fight back the scourged ones. There should have been a Dwarven town there as well, because Brann befriended some of the Nerubians. Old Kingdom and AN give us but a small glimpse of what could have been. If you look around, especially Old Kingdom, you can see a much larger city out in the distance, but you can’t get to it. And perhaps the biggest tragedy is what became of Anub’arak. He was  a key character in helping the Lich King, and he was once the king of Azjol-Nerub. He was a pretty important character that got the short end of the stick. An easy boss in a 5-man dungeon? Kind of a rip off. They did bring him back for a real raid in the Crusader’s coliseum but it’s just not the same. Azjol-Nerub is just a very wasted opportunity and it’s a shame. An entire underground kingdom being an actual zone like that would have been awesome.
  • Random my ass. The LFG tool that was added in is a great, great feature. But one thing it absolutely sucks about is the “random” part of it. It apparently goes by the gear in your bags and what you’re wearing. It may even go by what’s in your bank. Whatever way they used to determine how random your dungeons are, they really need to fix in Cataclysm. Like a large amount of players, I got the same 2 or 3 instances all. the. time. For me it was Utgarde Keep, Utgarde Pinnacle, and The Nexus. The Nexus I got more than any other random, and after a while I just couldn’t stand to look at that stupid piece of shit instance anymore. I started dropping out of it, and then they made it worse by increasing the dungeon deserter debuff to 30 minutes instead of 15. I never got The Oculus or Culling of Strathome from my randoms, and the rest of them I got very very rarely. This sucks because they added a chance to get the blue drake from Oculus, but I basically am unable to even have a shot at getting it, because I never get it as a random. It sucks, Nexus sucks, and Blizzard needs to make sure the Cataclysm dungeons are ACTUALLY random.
  • Wintergrasp. The zone itself is nice. It’s beautiful and the music is nice and calming (which is funny, considering it’s a giant PVP zone). The IDEA of the zone is nice. One faction controls the fortress, the other faction has to attack it and get control of it. There are large scale battles, tons of vehicles, several objectives, and the control of the zone determining who can go to Vault of Archavon is actually a really cool idea. The problem with the zone is, not being instanced means that it frequently gave the entirety of Northrend lag like there was no tomorrow. I seem to recall it actually crashing the server several times as well. And another issue with it is the fact that up until very recently, flying mounts weren’t allowed in Wintergrasp, whether a battle was going on or not. Terrible idea. To piggyback that (though it’s a minor complaint since it was fixed) was that flight paths did not take you over Wintergrasp. This meant that if you say, wanted to fly from Dalaran over to Sholazar Basin, you had to go ALLLLLLL the way around the zone to get there. And you couldn’t just fly yourself over becuase you’d be dismounted. I think the idea behind Wintergrasp is nice, and I’m interested in what they have in store for Tol Barad. But they need to do something about the horrible lag the place can cause next time.
  • Any zone besides Icecrown and Storm Peaks becoming obsolete. I don’t really count Dragonblight as you only go there for one raid, Dalaran is more of a city than a zone, and I don’t really count Wintergrasp as it’s more of a giant battleground than a zone. It’s a shame that after questing through all the wonderful zones in Northrend, you’re eventually left with only going to Storm Peaks and Icecrown for the dailies. Even flying to the dungeon was taken out (not that I’m complaining about that), so you don’t even fly to them anymore. While I can understand the PVP and ganking concerns, I really wish they had 80 daily quest hubs in each of the old zones. Howling Fjord is my favorite, and it’s a shame that I rarely ever get to see it anymore. Grizzly Hills has those PVP objectives, but that was a complete failure. No one does them. Death Knights don’t even need the sigil from there anymore. Zul’drak has some dailies, but they’re not 80, and they don’t reward anything but a very rare trinket that gives an “I’m awesome” buff. The Tuskarr dailies are spread too far apart. The Sholazar Basin dailies might as well not even be there once you become exalted with the Oracles/Frenzyheart. The only real 80 daily outside of the two 80 zones, is the one in Borean Tundra, where you use a red dragon to kill blue dragons. The majority of the dailies are in Icecrown and Storm Peaks, and it gets tiring seeing those same zones, and doing those same dailies every day. I think this is something that is inevitable though, so I don’t think it’s something I should expect to see changed in Cataclysm. Which is sad, because one of the starting zones is the underwater zone, which is looking to be amazing. Oh, and I’m just now realizing that I forgot Crystalsong Forest… Eh well, it’s okay. So did Blizzard.
  • The Time-Lost  Proto-Drake. The Time-Lost Proto Drake is one of my favorite mounts, and the best looking of the proto drakes. It’s not so much that I have a problem with how rare it is. It’s more that it makes questing in Storm Peaks on alts terrifying. My main has everything I do. My achievements, my pets, my mounts, tabards, gear, etc. I do everything on my main, and the alts are pretty much used for experiencing the leveling again. So if I were to spot the TLPD while out on Storm Peaks on my main, everything would be peachy keen. But when I’m there on alts, I’m feeling like I just have to get out of that zone as soon as possible, becasue if I see the TLPD on my alt, and my main misses it, I’ll be so angry!
  • Jousting. Never has been fun, never will be fun. Never make us joust again, Blizzard! And finally…
  • Why is Skoll a godamned spirit beast?! I want to use him dammit, but he’s not really a wolf even though he clearly looks like a wolf! Such a cool looking pet, and I can’t use him as Survival. Lame!

My next major blog post is probably going to be after the series finale of LOST.  Either a little bit afterwards or the day after. So look out for that!

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Wrath of the Lich King Retrospective: Part 1

Well, Cataclysm is just around the corner. The world is going to be changing completely. Worgen and Goblins will be playable. Entire classes will be getting overhauled, for instance my hunter is finally going to be getting rid of mana. Why were we ever a mana class? It’s about time. And while looking to the future of WoW is great, I think we should take a look back at this expansion and see what all we enjoyed and should continue, and what all we didn’t like and should be fixed. This will be a two parter, starting with my likes of this expansion. This is all my personal opinion of course. What is everyone else’s likes of Wrath of the Lich King?


  • Ulduar. Honestly, what an absolutely terrific instance. The way the hardmodes were activated was cool (though I can understand and don’t mind how they did it for Icecrown Citadel).  The bosses were all around awesome. Flame Leviathan made vehicle combat not suck (unlike jousting or friggen Malygos).  XT had a hilarious voice over. All the keepers were great, and the Yogg-Saron fight was challenging but very rewarding. If I had to handpick one of the bosses as my favorite, it would definitely be Mimiron. I swear we wiped on that bastard more than any other boss, but he was still so much fun. Despite how many times he wiped the floor with us. And his whole wing of the instance was really cool, especially the big mechanical train you take to get to him. The atmosphere of that place was better than any other place in Northrend. The Descent Into Madness is especially. You start off up top and everything is fine, but as you make your way further down, the place looks like it had been blown apart, with shards of glass and and rocks floating and lying about. And of course, I can’t leave out how beautiful of a room Algalon had.
  • Naxxramas. Many people aren’t going to agree with me on this, and that’s understandable. After all, it’s the first raid in Wrath, and it’s just a rehash of a 60 raid? Why not make a brand new one? I can understand that mindset. For me though, I wasn’t around for Vanilla WoW, so I never got to experience Naxx. It was really cool to be able to go there.  Fighting Heigan in his dance studio. The free loot machine that was Patchwerk. Thaddius and his ridiculous positive/negative stuff. The absolute pain in the dick that Instructor Razuvious was. Plus, I really liked the way the hunter set looked for Naxx. If I had to have one major complaint about the place, is that Naxx outside of the instance is SO small compared to inside the instance. Naxx should be like… three times the size it is in Dragonblight!
  • Trial of the Crusader. Again, another opinion that might be unpopular. Now granted, it definitely should NOT have been the major raid to follow Ulduar, and it especially shouldn’t have been the raid to make Ulduar obsolete. This should have been a side raid like Obsidian Sanctum or Malygos was. That being said, I quite enjoyed it for what it was. The music was good, the fights were fun, and the place only took like 30/40 minutes tops. There was no trash which was a wonderful change of pace from having to fight wave after wave of trash before getting to a boss. And it was nice that Anub’arak got to be an actual raid boss after getting totally screwed when it came to Azjol-Nerub (I’ll get to that dislike later).
  • Questing. Questing was better than it had ever been before in Wrath of the Lich King. It was storyline based, and made me really feel more involved in the zones beyond “collect 10 bear asses. But not every bear will HAVE a bear ass for some reason”. Yes, I realize there’s an annoying as hell quest just like that in Grizzly Hills. NEVERTHELESS, it made the getting to 80 experience more fun.  One of my fondest memories of leveling in Northrend was Sholazar Basin. You take a trip to Sholazar, and get blown out of the sky and crash land in the middle of the wilderness. After doing a couple quests you wander into Nessingwary’s camp. You do the quests for him, which involve killing animals and killing Venture Co. In the middle of doing these Nessingwary quests, you get kidnapped by the Wolvar. You then get wrapped up in their storyline, and once you’re finally done with that, you can finish up Nessingwary’s stuff, which consists of you killing the brood mother of these Proto-Drakes on the back of a mammoth, WHILE Nessingwary rides with you shooting shit. You finally finish out the zone by riding on top of a titan construct and killing the shit out of hundreds of scourge. All of those quests together made for a wonderful experience. Then of course there’s Storm Peaks and the whole quest line where you help Brann escape the Engine of the Makers, and then have the BRONZEBEARD reunion. Storm Peaks also had the Thorim chain. Grizzly Hills had that awesome quest where you have to escape attacking Worgen on horseback. The Icecrown chain about Arthas’ heart is wonderful, and I loved the Lich King showing up various times through Northrend, especially the first time in Howling Fjord where he literally kills you. Finally, can’t mention questing without mentioning the best quest line IN Northrend:
  • THE MOTHER FUCKING WRATHGATE. I really can’t gush about this entire chain enough. It was something brand new for Blizzard. A cutscene! Putress coming in and killing… everything. Including Bolvar and Saurfang. Talk about a jaw dropper! And if all that craziness wasn’t enough, the follow up to the Wrathgate incident is the BATTLE FOR THE UNDERCITY! Horde go in the front gate along with Thrall, Vol’jin and Sylvanas and go after Varimathras, while Alliance go in through the sewers with King Wrynn and Jaina and go after Putress. It all ends with the two sides attacking each other (more like Wrynn attacking Thrall but whatever, Thrall allowed the Forsaken into the Horde in the first place), and then Jaina coming in and teleporting the Alliance away. No other quest line in the game has EVER done something as awesome. The Wrathgate is definitely one of my favorite parts of Wrath.
  • Northrend itself. Almost all the zones are just gorgeous. The only ones I’m not too keen on are Borean Tundra and Icecrown, and Icecrown’s not really that bad, it was just somewhat underwhelming. Borean Tundra was like someone vomited into a bucket and they painted the zone with that. The rest of the zones though. Amazing. Howling Fjord was gorgeous, easily my favorite zone in the expansion (Mulgore being my favorite Vanilla zone, and Nagrand being my favorite Outland zone). Grizzly Hills is atmospheric as FUCK. Seriously, turn down the (great) music, and turn up the ambiance. It’s a very creepy zone, and you’ll constantly hear Ursoc’s roaring. Zul’Drak is a GREAT zone, despite my dislike of trolls. It’s not just a city in a zone. It’s a city that IS the zone. It’s HUGE. Dragonblight is peaceful with wonderful music and some impressive sights (like Wyrmrest Temple and that giant skeleton in the ocean to the south. Go look for it, you may have not even noticed!). And Storm Peaks was awesome because everything. EVERYTHING. Was fucking MASSIVE. Just a beautiful expansion.
  • The LFG tool. The LFG tool is by far, one of the best things that Blizzard has ever added to this game. It made pugging 5-mans less of a pain in the ass, and made it so easy to chain heroics. Especially because you just get teleported to the instance now instead of having to fly out to wherever. Now, obviously there’s still plenty of shitty or stupid players to deal with, and if you queue up as DPS prepare to wait for like 15 minutes, but it still made gearing up and running pugs a lot easier. Plus, you could even get a little ugly pet pug of your own! First REAL dog in WoW that didn’t just look like a wolf!
  • Achievements. What a great addition to the game. It’s about time WoW jumped on the achievement bandwagon. Honestly, it gives you SO much extra crap to do.  And has tons of various rewards like pets, titles and mounts. Some are just goofy (/hug another player when they are dead before they release, /love like 15 different critters), some are ridiculous (the insane title, Loremaster), and others are quite rewarding (collect 50/100 mounts, beat all the listed hardmodes and get an awesome mount, do every holiday achievements listed). Basically they were a great time waster when you had nothing else to do, or didn’t want to do dailies or something. I can’t wait to see what all new achievements are added in Cataclysm.
  • The music. The music this expansion was fantastic, ESPECIALLY ToC and the Death Knight starting area.
  • The Tuskarr. Otherwise known as the Wilford Brimley Foundation
  • Dalaran Auction House

To be continued in Wrath of the Lich King Retrospective: Part 2.

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Villains: Disney Edition

Heroes are great. They save the town, rescue the damsel in distress, fix the problems that have been caused by the bad guy. But you know what’s even better than that? The villain! The bad guy. They are, most of the time, a lot more interesting than the hero of the story. The way they think, the way they act… The villain is usually a lot more eccentric and just generally more fun to watch on screen. Oh what’s that Spiderman?  You want to keep the city safe? Doc Oc just tried to destroy a fucking entire subway train full of people, all while suspended in the air by his ROBOT TENTACLE ARMS! Sorry Spiderman, Doc Oc has stolen your spotlight. Plus you’re on the side that Kirsten Dunst is on, and I just can’t agree to that. Anyway, to celebrate the villains, I’ll occasionally make a post about what I think are some of the best villains. So today I’m going to list my top 5 favorite DISNEY villains. Don’t agree with my list? Leave a comment and list your own top five! 🙂


Without a doubt, the most eccentric of the villains on my list. He’s a very light hearted villain, but make him mad, and he’ll turn into an pissed off monster in a second. And a lot of the credit goes to the late Vincent Price, who voiced Ratigan. In fact, it was one of Price’s favorite roles, and one of his last before he died. His speech pattern is very dramatic. He elongates words and rolls his “R”s. Seriously, go watch the Great Mouse Detective, and watch the part where he feeds one of his henchmen to his pet cat. “Oh my dear Bartholomew… I’M AFRAID THAT YOU’VE GONE AND UPDSET MEH!” He’s got two songs, one of them about him being the world’s greatest criminal mind. It’s a lot like Gaston’s song, because it’s very upbeat and happy as opposed to something like Scar’s song, which is dark. The other song he does, he records for Basic and Watson to listen to as they wait in their death trap to be killed, equally as happy. Of course, all this happy go lucky attitude goes right out the window when he gets pissed, like the climax on Big Ben. It’s awesome when he finally gets angry enough to REALLY show how much of a rat he is (and he is, despite his denial). He becomes like a rabid animal, and runs on all fours, and he stops being a cheery villain to evil, to really fuck Basil’s day up. The fact that he’s so much fun to watch on screen is the main reason why he’s in my top 5.


Here’s a villain that’s very much like Ratigan above. He’s cool, collected, and he’s pretty sure he’s got all his plans in order. But when things fuck up… well watch out. Because he will literally explode at you. He’s another villain that is as engaging as he is because of his voice actor. James Woods has a very unique voice and way of talking, and that’s incorporated right into the way Hades talks. He sounds like a sleazy used car salesman, and he’s as persuasive as one. One of my favorite things about him is that his hair changes color depending on if he’s angry or not. When Hades finds out that Pain and Panic (his minions) did in fact NOT kill Hercules, he literally destroys an entire forest by scorching it to the ground. But really, most of the credit goes to James Woods for making the character so great. He still would have been a good villain, but not top 5 good if not for James Woods.


He’s everyone’s favorite guy! Everyone’s awed and inspired by him, and it’s not very hard to see why! Gaston is unlike any other Disney villain. Most are ugly and/or outwardly evil. But Gaston is muscular, heroic, admired by everyone and generally everything you expect the HERO to be. It would make sense for Beast to be bad and Gaston to be good since one is… well a beast. But it’s the opposite. Gaston turns out to be the real beast inside. Beast is actually caring and loves Belle for who she is (well, he learns to be), while Gaston couldn’t care less about Belle’s books or what she wants. And he’ll also play dirty, like getting Belle’s father locked into an asylum. Fun Fact: When he falls to is death at the end, if you look closely for a few frames of animation, you can see skulls in his eyes. Fun Fact: He uses antlers in all of his decorating!


Ah, Scar. It was tough deciding between you and the number 1 choice for the top spot. Ultimately you didn’t win out, but you are definitely one of Disney’s greatest villains. Voiced by Jeremy Irons, he is evil, cunning, manipulative, sneaky, jealous, and above all else: A coward. The whole time he orchestrates this whole thing to bring down the king (his brother) and become the king himself, which he does by manipulating everyone. The Hyenas, Simba, his brother, everybody. Jeremy Irons provides a great voice for the character. You can, deep down, hear the cowardice in him, but Scar hides it well below all the other stuff. Scar is awesome because he gets one of the most satisfying deaths at the end. He sells out his Hyena brothers because he’s a coward, and then when he needs their help, he tries to go so far as to call them his friends. But he just ends up getting killed by them. That’s what happens when you burn your bridges, Scar! He’s also great for one more reason: He’s got one of the best villain songs that Disney has. The lyrics “Our teeth and ambitions are bared” is great, and  did you know what quid pro quo was when you first saw The Lion King? Cause I sure as hell didn’t! The best part of the song though, is the way the Hyenas are presented as their marching in front of Scar. It’s very much like nazis marching in front of Hitler.


I’m sure plenty will disagree with me on this, but that’s okay. I love Ursula. She’s always been my favorite. She’s big (literally) and showy, and a traitor to the kingdom Ariel lives in. She uses the contract Ariel signs in order to get Triton’s magical trident and power. She’s not a step ahead of everyone, but she’s able to easily adapt to problems, like how close Ariel and Eric come to kissing. If not for Eric, Ursula could easily have taken control of the kingdom AND the ocean. She’s a fun villain because she’s very entertaining to watch. Her song “Poor Unfortunate Souls” shows how much of a sleaze bag  she is, and when she becomes giant size, she gets all showy and raises a bunch of destroyed ships to the surface.  She’s my favorite, and my pick for number one.


I’m not going to spend several paragraphs on them, but I’ll mention what I like best about them. Frollo (voiced by the awesome late Tony Jay) has one of the greatest Disney songs ever made.  It’s one of the darkest songs, and I was honestly surprised I was watching a Disney movie back when it first came out. He’s a big a creep that a villain can be. Hopper (voiced by Kevin Spacey) has one of my favorite movie speeches. When he tells the other Grasshoppers how it really is with the ants, it is a great moment. Jafar was REALLY hard to not fit in the list. He’s incredibly creepy, and Iago is a hilarious character. And Pete… well, I just like that character. He’s unique out of all these too, in that he has played non-villains, specifically PJ’s dad in Goof Troop/A Goofy Movie. He’s also voiced by Jim Cummings, who is a great voice actor who has been around a long time.